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im bored .__.

2010-08-17 20:01:49 by Picox98


i posted another art... hum...
im bored .__.


2010-05-10 15:28:28 by Picox98

i think is time to work again
Project: Stick Fighting (2 minutes or 1)
i dont have ideas D:

Killer Scuare (SHORT) released

2010-05-08 23:28:07 by Picox98

OH F***! another animation!
vote 5!! ^^



Art... again :P

2010-05-08 16:53:34 by Picox98

here another...
i dont like it much ._.
soo... =P

Art... again :P


2010-03-05 21:47:39 by Picox98

hahaha hey i created a video :3
of fallout 3!
here on Youtube

jajaja hey cree un video :3
de fallout 3
aqui en youtube

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Damn T_T

2010-03-05 21:08:53 by Picox98

damn people!
my first animation has blammed T_T
but well... its only a short... not a real animation
but... damn.. T_T

Just a Random Fight

2010-03-05 20:00:14 by Picox98

hehe a short clip of sticks
here is:
Click Here to Animation :D

ByE bYe

Scout me!!!!!!!! T_T

2010-03-03 21:44:23 by Picox98

i created 4 arts... and i not be scouted... T_T
somebody scout me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
plz xP

i practicing the animation of sticks
and i decided create:
Stick Bloody Shorts
Episode 1: Skaters

Wait For it :D
ByE bYe

Sticks Bloody Shorts in comming :D

Fallout 3! yay! (?)

2010-02-28 11:37:52 by Picox98

Yaaaaaaaay i donwload fallout 3!!
its soooooo cool :3
for this i submit a image of vault boy
created by me! :D
only for the art portal! xD

Fallout 3! yay! (?)